My public software can be found on my GitHub page. Some highlights:

  • Stile: the systematics tests in lensing pipeline, a collaboratively written code. Easily run many common weak lensing systematics tests on catalog data.
  • OffsetNFW: Right now, generate many kinds lensing signals (shear, convergence, ΔΣ, ADSD, etc) from theoretical Navarro-Frenk-White dark matter halos, perfectly centered. When validation is finished, this will also offer fast generation of miscentered (offset) profiles using interpolation tables.
  • RuntimeTable: quickly generate interpolation tables for functions that are simple within a run of a single program, but may change between runs, so you don't want to cache the results. Originally written for Σcr-1 computations which are smooth predictable functions for a given cosmology, but vary in more complicated ways between different cosmologies.
I've also contributed code to (among others) the GalSim project and some code for computing lensing signals in HSC.